Youth development

Manly Ultimate Club has been established since 2002 and this year, the club hopes to develop a wider cohort of younger players.


  • To promote a great, fun sport for all ages and abilities
  • To encourage involvement within schools in the Northern Beaches area
  • To offer high level coaching to youth aspiring to play Ultimate Frisbee at a higher level (incl. U18 Youth Nationals which is held annually or U19 Club or World Championships)

Why Ultimate Frisbee?

Ultimate is a still a fairly new sport in Australian schools. Young people instantly love frisbee whenever they are introduced to the sport. It is growing at a huge rate and we hope to assist that growth.

For younger players, Ultimate Frisbee has the following benefits for child development:

  • Non-contact – it’s a great, safe sport for children of all ages, sizes and abilities.
  • Self-refereed - which encourages a mature response to competitive situations.
  • Great for the development of hand-eye co-ordination
  • Fun - playing frisbee is so much fun that children who otherwise have only a passing interest in sport will be hooked! They will want to throw at the beach, in the park, at family BBQs, in class!

Northern Beaches schools are currently under represented at Sydney or state-wide events such as school Gala Days, State Championships, etc. It would be fantastic to see more local youth get involved in what can be both a fun and competitive sport.

FREE Development/Coaching Sessions - starting Week 3 of Term 1, 2015

(Run by qualified coaches who are teachers at Northern Beaches schools)


Upper Primary – Lower Secondary students (ages 8-13)

These sessions are an opportunity for younger players to learn more about what Ultimate Frisbee is. We will teach throwing, catching and play games that are fun and athletic. Experienced players and trained coaches will run these sessions but students will need a responsible adult to accompany them.

Wear comfortable clothes, a hat and bring a drink bottle.

4pm - 5pm @ LM Grahams Reserve (meet on the side close to carpark and Manly Pool)

If you are planning to come along, please email Nikki at